Team Leadership

Drake Morewood – Head of Design

Drake is a senior and has been on the team for five years. He has been working on the CAD and fabrication of the robot and is our Head of Design. He spends countless hours working on his computer, with help from his subteam, to create drawing files to send to our sponsor Fabspeed to cut the robot. Drake can be found eating Girl Scout cookies at the CAD desk or telling everyone what the robot is supposed to look like.

Charlie Randall – Head of Drive Team and Mechanical

Charlie is a senior and the son of Peter Randall, the founder and mentor of 1218. Because of his family’s tight connection to the team, Charlie has been around robotics his entire life. He has been involved in robotics for nearly 16 years. Charlie is one of our best drivers. He can be found blasting music into his earbuds while prototyping and assembling pieces for our robot.

Hadley Sager – Head of Outreach, Captain

Hadley is a junior and has been on the team for three years. She is a member of mechanical team and runs 1218’s outreach program. She has helped start partnerships in the Philadelphia community through numerous FLL and Jr. FLL Teams. Hadley has loved improving her mechanical skills through prototyping and building robot pieces for the team.

James Liu – Head of Electrical and Programming

James is a senior that has been a part of 1218 for three years. James is an international student from China. He has become the head of electrical and spends many hours coding, testing, and debugging our robotics code. His latest challenge has been programming swerve modules. James can be found working his magic and making our robot move once it is assembled.