Team Leadership

Dominique -Co-Captain, Head of Strategy,  Head of Chairmans

Over the past four years, Dominique has involved herself in all aspects of the team, from limelight vision tracking to human player to Chairmans writing. She loves late nights during build season fueled by Wawa coffee and McDermott cupcakes. She can be found running around competition in a blue tutu and colorful tights analysing strategy with other teams.

Ben – Captain, Co-Head of Electrical and Programming

Ben is a senior and has been on the team since freshman year. He is the head of electrical and spends many hours coding, testing, and debugging our robot’s code. His latest challenge has been programming swerve modules. Ben can be found working his magic and making our robot move once it is assembled.

Julia – Junior Captain, Co-Head of Mechanical

Julia is a junior and has been on the team for three years. Last year, she drove our robot Voyager all the way to Einstein! During build season, Julia helps our team by prototyping intakes and designing our chassis. Her favorite tool in the lab is the snap ring pliers (also called spreader).

Ryan – Sophmore Captain 

Ryan is a Sophomore and it is his second year on the team. Last year Ryan helped our Charman’s team and participated in the mechanical subteam. Ryan is excited about this year’s season and can’t wait. Go 1218!

Vicki – Co-Head of Mechanical

Vicki is an overcaffinated junior with a passion for big machines. Her favorite tool is the deadblow, and she always blames her problems on programming.

Corinne- Co-Head of CAD

Corinne is a lead of the CAD department. She will be found on Fusion 360 yelling at the computer with a cup of ramen and some hot chocolate.

Alena-Co-Head of CAD

Alena is a senior and has been on the team for four years. Her favorite thing is probably staring at computer and CAD from famous past robots.

Jane – Safety Captain

Jane has spent the past four years working on the mechanical subteam of 1218. In her senior year she has become safety captain from her mastery of heavy machinery and tool training sessions. She can be found in the machine shop making sure ponytails are in, sleeves are up, and safety glasses are on.

Abi – Head of Scouting

Abi is a senior who has been on the team for 3 years. She has tried everything from making the robot release video to building datasheets in Tableau for scouting, and she is currently settled as the head of Scouting and a member of the Programming subteam. She can be found in the lab with tea in a beaker mug.

Lenny-Head of Media

Lenny is a Junior and has been on the team for three years. She enjoys mechanical as well as media. During build season she is often found working on a piece of the robot or taking photos. She also loves making the bright yellow bows 1218 started making last year.