Thank You to Our Amazing Sponsors!

Team 1218 is supported by our amazing sponsors. These companies have assisted us financially and provided us with representatives working alongside us in the lab. We would like to publicly thank these companies for having an interest in the engineers of the future.

Vulcan Spring – Scott Rankin  2006

Vulcan Spring has been the primary sponsor for team 1218 since 2006. We took on the name Vulcan Robotics to show our gratitude for their consistent and generous donations. Scott Rankin, the owner of Vulcan Springs,  is a very present figure in our work space. He encourages the students to push themselves and transcend expectations on and off the field.

Boeing – Dan Newman  2013

Boeing became active sponsors in 2013.  Dan Newman, chief engineer of the advanced Vertical Lift organization, stops by the lab often to work alongside students. He helps with the building process by providing input and physical labor into the mechanical aspects of the robot.

Metal Edge – Jono Frank 2003

Since the beginning, Metal Edge has been sponsoring team 1218, thus making Metal Edge the oldest sponsor of team 1218 to date. Jono Frank has established his place in the lab by making surprise appearances during work days and providing positive motivation for the students.

Fabspeed – Joe Fabiani 2014

Joe Fabiani, CEO and President of Fabspeed, took interest in the robotics program when he saw how well students were working together to create something great. To help fuel the the minds of upcoming leaders for the next generation, Fabspeed has donated water jet time to cut out our robots since 2014.  We are extremely grateful for the resources that they provide for the team.

Laird Plastics 2016

Laird Plastics is the most recently acquired sponsor for team 1218. They have given us large pallets of plastic stock in the fall for the last two years. Their donations have proved vital to us for rapid prototyping and lightweight assemblies on our robots.

TE Connectivity 2015

TE Connectivity has made generous donations to team 1218 that have helped provide us with necessities in the lab.  They have funded our travels to competitions and we are extremely grateful for this. They also visit us during competitions. We love getting to spend time with our sponsors and showing them in real time our team dynamics and accomplishments.

Kilian’s Hardware – Russell Goudy 2014

Kilian Hardware became a sponsor of team 1218 when, daughter of the owner, Noelle Goudy (‘17) joined the robotics team. Kilian’s Hardware is a family run business who has recently celebrated their 100 year anniversary and has plans to continue having a positive impact on the Chestnut Hill community and team 1218.

Ervtech 2003

Ervtech has been with team 1218 during our start in 2003 and has been with us ever since. Ervtech is family run organization that has donated countless hours into the advancement of team 1218. The head of the organization, Rob Ervin, has assisted teen engineers in operating the CNC for 10 years. His presence in our lab brings light and joy to the students with his infectious smile and his consistent encouragement.