FIRST LEGO League Teams

The FIRST LEGO League team was started at SCH in 2011 with the intent of spreading the success of our FIRST Robotics Competition team with a new generation of students. Since then, we’ve grown to four FIRST LEGO League teams as well as 8 FIRST LEGO League Jr. teams. In past years, our FIRST LEGO League teams have won 1st place in all three awards: future innovation, robot design, and gracious professionalism. Middle
schoolers are now more interested in science and technology than ever before, as 20% of the SCH community is now on a FIRST team. Team members of 1218 has mentored the FIRST LEGO League teams since their beginning in 2011. They have taught them robot design, programming, critical thinking, and gracious professionalism.

Our FLL team members have learned both technical skills and life skills, such as how to collaborate as a team to create the best possible robot strategy and project design.